Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two – Lucir

As a famous electronic music outfit once preached, ‘Harmony is the key, brothers & sisters!’ That’s a mantra near & dear to the heart of Godskitchen Worldwide resident and production whirlwind Paul Thomas.
Paul’s stylistic ethos is eclectic, declining to stay in any one place for too long, as the man himself explains…
“I have gone back to my melodic roots over the past 12 months, making tracks with melodies and big chords, while keeping the beats and bass quite techy and rolling”, he says. “It seems to have worked well, as I have a lot of cross-genre support, from Paul van Dyk, Sander van Doorn and Gareth Emery, to Mark Knight, Funkagenda and Steve Angello. But generally I’m just making tracks that I love and that fit into my sets.”
On ‘Lucir’ (meaning ‘look’ in español, factoid fans!), the big chords and melodies he refers to are writ headline big over the track’s production. With plenty of goose-bump popping phase & reverb to its luminous mainline, up top its pure catnip for those who appreciate the qualities of fine programming and note arrangement.
That said don’t let all the talk of harmonic allure throw you. This is no pastoral, uber-chilled trance tummy-tickler!! Underneath all its liquid fluidity and chiming charm, beats the heart of a fully-fledged floor eruptor.
With all the self-possessed drums & percussion and bracing bass necessary, the track is aimed squarely and decisively at the peak-time play catchment.
Paul Thomas & Shadow of One’s ‘Lucir’ is available worldwide on all portals.
Artist: Paul Thomas, Shadow Of Two
Track: Lucir
Label: Vandit Records
Release Date: September 1st 2014 (Beatport); September 15th 2014 (all portals)
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