Beyond Trance Pres. Discover Trance 029 (11.02.2017) with Sonic Oblivion

For Discover Trance 029 the guys from Beyond Trance welcome Sonic Oblivion for guest mix duties.
Hailing from the depths of Brazil and currently based in Germany, Sonic Oblivion aims to offer an in-depth view of the current global psytrance scene, constantly trying to catch a glimpse at the ever-growing diversity of styles, ranging from progressive trance, highly influenced by melodies and sharp grooves, building up and accelerating into peak-time fullon psychedelic.
Right now, Sonic Oblivion’s most prominent work is his current mix series “Abstract Worlds”, which is delivered weekly in a radioshow/podcast format on several streaming platforms and broadcasted live on internet radio – Every mix is recorded and livestreamed simultaneously, so without any further edits. It offers listeners a highly energetic, euphoric ride, progressively building up and accelerating into higher grounds, wrapping things up with a fullon blast – A weekly session packed with a highly diverse selection of tunes that are currently making big waves on the global psytrance scene.
Tracklist Discover Trance 029:
01. DJ Smash – Volna (Aquafeel Bootleg) [Unreleased]
02. Drop The Pain – Loveless [Question of Prog Records]
03. Cambium & Electic – Elebium [Own Spirit Records]
04. Face Off – The Matrix [Blue Tunes]
05. Serenity Flux – Why Is The Universe (Sonic Oblivion Edit) [Polena Records]
06. Jiser – Try (Bouncerz Remix) [Dropzone Records]
07. Alien Project & GMS – Artificial Beings (Plasmotek Remix) [Spiral Trax]
08. X-NoiZe – Wired [X7M Records]
09. Outsiders & Imagine Mars – We Are The Shadows [Nano Records]
10. Relativ – HalluciNation [Digital Om Productions]
11. Stryker & Space Tribe – Unreality [TIP Records]

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