Classical Trancelations in Concert (26.08.2016) @ Helsinki, Finland

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The energy, thrill and euphoria of trance interpreted by a grand symphony orchestra… Curated by Orkidea, Classical Trancelations in Concert took place on August 26th 2016 in Helsinki and combined the visual grandeur and production of raves with the world of classical music concerts.
The concert debuted arrangements of Lowland’s pieces, tailor-made by composer Pessi Levanto. The first Classical Trancelations in Concert was sold out in a record of 15 minutes and was followed with a second show on the same evening.
You can watch the full show here again. Will the goose bumps ever go away?

Tracklist Classical Trancelations in Concert:
HKO, Mäkelä & Robert Miles – Children
HKO, Mäkelä & Energy 52 – Café del Mar
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, MARiANNA & Chicane – Saltwater
HKO, Mäkelä & Slusnik Luna – Sun
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Solarstone – Seven Cities
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Armin van Buuren – Communication
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Veracocha – Carte blanche
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, Uotila, Rinne & Guru Josh – Infinity
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, Paleface & Faithless – Insomnia
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, MARiANNA & Binary Finary – 1998
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Pulser – My Religion
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Darude – Sandstorm
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, MARiANNA & Delerium – Silence
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble & Eric Prydz – Opus
HKO, Mäkelä, Ahjo Ensemble, MARiANNA & Classical Trancelations -encore

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