Competition: Win a copy of Eco’s new album “Wolves”

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Feeling disillusioned with the direction the music in the scene was heading, Eco resolved to do something about it. Eschewing his singles route, he stowed himself and set to work creating a longplayer that had a different (and some might say more complex) purpose. In perhaps the most extraordinary manner imaginable, the summation of those 3 travail-filled years has arrived this October, via the release of “Wolves”.
Most albums have “a story”, but perhaps not to quite the same degree as Eco’s “Wolves”. Dealing with (as the New Jersey-ite puts it) “a child who is no longer satisfied with the time & place he finds himself in and decides to embrace wilderness”, it is, in part, an allegory of his disillusionment.
The result is a release the likes of which has never been seen before, or may ever be again.
We give away copies of Eco’s new album “Wolves”!
The competition is open till Saturday, November 12th 2016!
If you want to win, just send us an email with your shipping details and the key word #Wolves to!
Find all details for Eco’s new album “Wolves” here:

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