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Paul van Dyk’s latest artist album “From Then On” is a record born from a renewed sense of being! It is uncompromising and urgent, the music Paul wanted and needed to write and play, in its purest and direct form. There was no A&R on the record or any pre-conceived notions of what the music should sound like, it was a return to a concise style of writing and recording, much of which took place on stage as Paul improvised ideas live, exploring and experiencing them with people, rather than in the solitude of a studio. This record feels alive, and its music Paul wants fans to hear together, an album that speaks to community and harmony over withdrawal and isolation.
We give away copies of Paul van Dyk’s amazing album “From Then On”!
The competition is open till Friday, January 12th 2018!
If you want to win, just send us an email with your shipping details and the key word #FromThenOn to!
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Paul van Dyk - From Then On

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