Competition: Win a copy of Pure Trance 5 Mixed by Forerunners, Solarstone & Sneijder

Year on year for the last five, Solarstone’s Pure Trance movement has shifted tectonically from the trance fringes to the epicentre of the scene. Once the sole preserve of its disenfranchised, it’s now the place that the trance centre-ground calls home.
Moved this year from a twin to a three-disc/mix, giving it the ability to comprehensively reflect the beginning-to end experience. From the slopes of trance progressive to the peakier ridges of melodic & uplifting, through to its hard-rocking pinnacle, “Pure Trance 5” illustrates it in – near enough – real time.
We give away copies of “Pure Trance 5” Mixed by Forerunners, Solarstone & Sneijder!
The competition is open till Saturday, November 19th 2016!
If you want to win, just send us an email with your shipping details and the key word #PTV to!
Find all details for Pure Trance 5 Mixed by Forerunners, Solarstone & Sneijder here:
Pure Trance 5

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