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Seven years in the waiting, nearly three in the making and a testament to music’s spiritual capacity to heal, this is Roger Shah’s new artist “No Boundaries”… the first Roger Shah long-player to see the light since “Openminded?!” back in 2011.
A frankly massive contingent by any long-playing standards, “No Boundaries” features a comparably impressive ensemble of singers, songwriters and other artistic partnerships. Moya Brennan, JES, Carla Werner, Natalie Gioia, Jennifer Rene and Susana are just some of the names marshaled to its starry vocal cast. Alongside them Roger’s rejoined by singers whose tones have become all-but synonymous with his work. “No Boundaries” sees the return of regular Shah players such as Yoav, LeiLani, Inger Hansen, Zara Taylor and Adrina Thorpe. As singers, so producer team-ups abound. Aly & Fila, Sied van Riel, Stoneface & Terminal, RAM and Feel are just some of the fellow studio-heads who’ve rallied to “No Boundaries” creation.
We give away copies of Roger Shah’s new album “No Boundaries”!
The competition is open till Monday, June 11th 2018!
If you want to win, just send us an email with your shipping details and the key wordNo Boundaries to!
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