Enter The Arena 029: Max Graham and Chris Halen

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Welcome to the 29th chapter of our mix-series “Enter The Arena”!
This time we welcome Max Graham as guest! Max needs no introduction, with Trance hits like “Sun in the Winter” and “Nothing Else Matters” and his legendary DJ sets he knows how to make, and play, records that get the dance floor moving. Even though he’s considered a “Trance DJ” Max is never one to stick to a single style of easily marketable music, but rather follows his own path of finding great tracks from so many different genres.
With Re*brand Records Max is running his own successful label. “Energetic and emotional dance music” is how Rebrand Label Boss Max describes the sound. Started in Montreal in 2006 Re*brand was a chance for Max to release the music he makes as well as find like minded artists to support and build with the label. With a small but quality stable of artists like Protoculture, Steve Haines, Johan Malmgren, Solid Stone and Fadios, rebrand has developed a diverse sound that all fits together. “It has to have some bite, some energy and above all some feeling” – Max says, “I believe in building artists rather than just signing records, i love the guys we have now and am 100% behind them and their careers, i think that’s how a label should be run”. Enjoy a wonderful mix of Max own productions and the typical Re*brand sound!
But as always the 1st hour has been mixed by one of our residents… this time by our very own Chris Halen.
Enjoy the music and don’t forget… Trance is the only weapon! 😉

Chris Halen’s Mix

01. Dimitris Kalfas – Phoenix (Original Mix)
02. Ivan Nikusev & Cosmithex – The Secret Of Orion (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
03. Airwave – Trinagle (Original Mix)
04. Gabriel & Dresden – Rise Up (Original Mix)
05. Wellenrausch – Rivers Deep (Album Mix)
06. Danilo Ercole – Little Planet (Christopher Vassilakis Remix)
07. David Mayne – Palladium (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
08. Koglin & Fassbender – Taiko (Original Mix)
09. Gai Barone – Eve (Original Mix)
10. Wellenrausch – Hypnotize (Album Mix)
Max Graham’s Mix
01. Johan Malmgren – Vogue
02. Max Graham – Purple
03. Solid Stone – Furious
04. Tomas Heredia – Way Out
05. Max Graham vs Maarten de Jong – Lekker
06. Dj Boris – Music Is Medicine
07. Mr. Bizz – Undermind
08. ID
09. Solid Stone – We Are Here
10. Protoculture and Max Graham – Axiom
11. Funkagenda – One Day At A Time
12. Guy J – Dizzy Moments
13. Oliver Lieb – Caldera (Scotty.A)
Connect with Chris Halen here:
Connect with Max Graham:

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