John O’Callaghan – Next Stop Muddy Waters

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Leaving the piano-rich, upliftingly themed vistas of ‘Trees’ behind, John O’Callaghan’s new single sees him head down a markedly different road. Harsher, harder, leaner, faster and altogether later night in its appeal, this is John at his most stripped down and pugnaciously ramped-up.
An ID set weapon at his shows stretching back to last summer, ahead of its final uncloaking in December, no small measure of fan speculation accompanied its progress.
Primed through bold drums, bracing tempo, three-dimensional bass and no short order of riding percussion and acidic pH-pow, ‘Next Stop’ displays the toughest of sonic signatures. Punching hard around trance’s midrange, churning, curling and finally all-out blistering 303 send its mercury flying. Converging around an unfurling synth struck mainline, John manipulates the two elements to conspire a drop that’ll leave other tracks for dust.
Artist: John O’Callaghan
Track: Next Stop Muddy Waters
Label: SubCulture
Release Date: February 16th 2018
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