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It was about time this happened, wasn’t it? If you visited Trance Energy back in 2000 and attended Sensation White in 2001, you might have been exposed to a powerful collaboration that sadly never saw an official release. It was the pairing of two of the Dutch Trance scene’s hottest prospects at that time. Nearly 20 years have gone by since that collaboration. Now, in 2019, these Legends decided to team-up again, but this time with an official release.
If you’ve been keeping a close eye (or should that be ear) on Marco V for the past two years, you will know he has completely re-V-talized the massive sound that made him a Tech Trance pioneer in the early ‘00s. That sound is put to good use here. The uncompromising bass groove is supplemented by subtle Rank 1 synth stabs to up the tease factor and increase the energy levels. A main lead tease drops by a couple of times before a catchy, gentle melody line begins leading us into the breakdown. Here’s where things move from typical V to typical Rank 1. The lead is short, simple but easy to remember and it entices you to hum alongside it. Back-up soon arrives in the shape of a slightly heavier but even catchier V-synth. Then yet another synth is introduced, this one offering a complementary melody on top of the main leads. The subtle pitch in the breakdown gives the cue that things are about to get tasty in a Bigroom kind of way: V-licious Trance saws now explode into your ears, as all the built-up euphoria and energy are finally released by a SICK climax effect! The main lead is now fully Techified and sending shockwaves across the dancefloor, its steaming hot bassline not ever letting up as the track’s riff slowly infiltrates your brain… This powerful segment concludes with yet another monster climax before things wind down.
“We Finally Met” is the Indicator of what happens when scene-defining heavyweights Marco V and Rank 1 take the effort to do what they do best in tandem. It’s the pairing tech trance needs as much as it is the pairing it deserves. 2019 was the year Marco V and Rank 1 finally met and it was good. Very good indeed.
Artist: Marco V, Rank 1
Track: We Finally Met
Label: High Contrast Recordings
Release Date: February 22nd 2019
Get your copy here: https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR352so
Connect with Marco V:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcovdj
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/marcov
Connect with Rank 1:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rank1official
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rank1official
Connect with High Contrast Recordings:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highcontrastrecordings
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/highcontrastrec
Take a listen to Marco V & Rank 1 – We Finally Met here: