Mark Sherry Presents Outburst 500

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To celebrate 500 episodes of his radioshow Outburst, Mark Sherry has painstakingly selected and mixed a sonic portrait of his last 10 radio years. “Outburst 500” may yet even prove to be the new definitive of what tougher techno x trance means.
One eye always focussed on its future, the other reverently on the sub-genre’s heritage riches, “Outburst 500” sports both the Future Fire and Tech Gold mixes/discs. Musical contributors to the album naturally include regular Outburst quartermasters, Alex Di Stefano, 2nd Phase, Vlind, Jamie Walker, Stephen Kirkwood and Lostly to mention but a few. There’s also much from tech-trance’s mid-Noughties class too (we’re talking about you Richard Durand, Joy Kitikonti, Igor S, Ricky Fobis, David Forbes and JOOP!). Straight-up legends? Served! Mauro Picotto, Tiësto, Marcel Woods, Ton TB, Marco V… and just for starters.
Mark says: “I’ve devoted well over 1500 hours of my life to bringing the Outburst Radioshow podcast to listeners on a weekly basis for over 500 episodes now. I started my ‘Outburst’ project as a solo artist in 2004 and I can’t thank you enough for following me all this time. To all of my long term fans and of course the new followers that have just discovered me, my show or even the ‘tech-trance’ genre, this album is dedicated to YOU! It has been very carefully put together as a reminder to you all that the Outburst Radioshow is ‘the home of tech-trance’ and always will be…long live the #techtrancerevolution!”
Angular sounds, breezeblock beats, sharp waveforms, super-hard claps, acid (oh, so much acid!) and FX that electrifies… charge those shock paddles, here comes ‘Outburst 500’!
Whether you’re a decade and a half deep or arriving fresh-faced on tech-trance’s doorstep, what you’re looking at right here is requisite.
“Mark Sherry presents Outburst 500” is out on the 24th of February 2017!
Get your copy here:
Tracklist “Mark Sherry presents Outburst 500”
Disc 1 – Future Fire

01. Marco V – Backburn
02. Dan Dobson – Pressurized
03. Claus Backslash – Save You
04. Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase – Killer Twist
05. Liam Melly – Hackinsaw
06. Mark Sherry & RAM – Nordic Nights [Grotesque 250 Anthem]
07. Max Graham & Estiva – Generation (Mark Sherry’s Outburst Rework)
08. Ikorus – Minotaur
09. Will Atkinson – Bloody Nora
10. Lostly – Nothing Left
11. Vlind – Get Mad
12. Nick Callaghan – Revive
13. Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb – Follow Me (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
14. David Forbes – Wormhole
15. Mark Sherry – Gravitational Waves (Lostly Remix)
16. Indecent Noise – War Cry
17. Richard Durand – Freeeze
18. Paul Denton – Curtain Call
19. Stephen Kirkwood & Frank Dueffel – Aquaplaning
20. DJ Ton TB – Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix)
21. Mark Sherry & Jamie Walker featuring Ross Ferguson – The Only One
Disc 2 – Tech Gold
01. Marcel Woods – Advanced
02. Johan Gielen – Flash
03. Mark Sherry & James Allan & Dr Willis – Sectioned
04. Mike Robbins – Are You A Freak
05. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis – Seismic
06. Tiësto – Lethal Industry (Richard Durand Remix)
07. Mark Sherry – Vengeance
08. Igor S – Boomerang (Igor S Mix)
09. Marco V – Godd
10. Joy Kitikonti – Joyenergizer (Phisical Mix)
11. Megamind – Taub? (Picotto Mix)
12. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis – Here Come The Drums (Jowan Remix)
13. Simon Foy – Insideout (Simon Foy Mix)
14. Dark Alliance – Genetic
15. DJ Seb B – Mass Noise
16. Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall – Hoipolloi (Mark Sherry’s Trance Energy Remix)
17. Ricky Fobis – No Regular
18. Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Mark Sherry’s 2006 Outburst Mix)
19. Mauro Picotto – Darkroom
20. Mark Sherry – Fractured 2010 [Take Me There] (Outburst Mix)
21. JOOP – The Future

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