Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers

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There’s little Markus Schulz likes more than a challenge and little the musicmaker, DJ & of-late songwriter likes less than a comfort zone! In keeping, for his next single he’s connected with a vocalist far removed from the electronic music quarter. Originally seeing the light on “We Are The Light”, “The Dreamers” is a production that finds Schulz establishing an alchemic connection with singer/songwriter Smiley.
On his Extended Mix, he gathers all the elements that ignited the album version and takes them to their natural conclusion. Smiley’s longing verses assume an even more reflective tone, while the Romanian’s elevating chorus – backed by Markus’s strummed, acoustically-flecked guitars and rousing key changes, stamp it ‘S’ for Summer.
Assuming evermore-clubby forms, through its new Festival and In Bloom reworks, Markus brilliantly ushers his “Dreamers” into the night. Across the two mixes he loads the dice with freighted bass, undulating chords & electro-like accents before trancey synths & chords serve the mixes’ their primetime soar.
Artist: Markus Schulz, Smiley
Track: The Dreamers
Label: Cat Music
Release Date: April 12th 2019
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