Myon & Late Night Alumni – Hearts & Silence

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This year sees Myon renew a studio relationship first formed in 2014 with his debut co-production with the US Late Night Alumni collective. Tonally and thematically “Hearts & Silence” picks up where “Under Your Cloud” left off. It again underscores the brilliant, near-alchemic triangulation between Myon’s clubbier, more driving studio instincts, L.N.A.’s cooler housier, elements and the quiet persuasion of singer Becky Jean Williams’ empathetic, affecting vocals.
On the club mix Myon‘s techier contours and more electro-lining FX light the track’s touch-paper. Against its riding percussion lines and elegiacally bleeping intro melody, collectively they instil a lament-filled emotive to its early minutes.
As sensitively written as they are deeply moving, Becky’s “Hearts & Silence” lyrics and vocal put the brilliance of her from-the-heart songwriting into sharpest possible focus. As the track moves towards the drop, those more wistful vocal accents fade, replaced – in feel and tone – with first hope, and then belief.
Artist: Myon, Late Night Alumni
Title: Hearts & Silence (Myon Extended Club Mix)
Label: Ride Recordings
Release Date: September 21st 2018
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