Orchestrance 217 (25.12.2017) with Ahmed Romel

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Orchestrance 217 with Ahmed Romel takes you on a journey through emotional, euphoric and uplifting trance with music by Paul van Dyk & Emanuele Braveri, Arman Bas & Fisical Project, AirLab7 and more. #trancefamily
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Tracklist Orchestrance 217:
Favorite of the Week:
01. Paul van Dyk & Emanuele Braveri feat. Rebecca Louise Burch – Escape (Original Mix) [Vandit]
02. Jean Clemence – Eternity (Tommy Kierland Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
03. Ross Rayer – Dreamer (Greg Dusten Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
04. Tau Rine – New Life (Original Mix) [Mysterious Station]
05. AirLab7 & Javii Wind – Last Adventure (DreamLife Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
06. Magic Sense & Spins – Bleak Heart (Syntouch Remix)
07. Delta IV – Beautiful World (Syntouch Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
08. Gabrielle AG & Live Dream feat. Rich Constantine – Un Mojito (AirLab7 Remix) [Transire Recordings]
09. Mikhail Krasilnikov – Snowbound Murmansk (Original Mix) [Sundance Recordings]
10. DelAir – Citadel (Orchestral Mix) [Mysterious Station]
11. Xijaro & Pitch and Type 41 – Chase Your Dreams (Extended Mix) [Rielism]
11. Arman Bas & Fisical Project – Magnetism (Original Mix) [CDR]
12. Delta IV – Last Stop Before Heaven (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]

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