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Follow up single to “Mantra”, this is the illustrious “Elysium”. The first thing that should be pointed out about this track is that it bucks the trend in terms of contemporary trance arrangements, in that it does not feature a huge breakdown. In fact there is no breakdown at all. Elysium harks back to the halcyon days of trance where breakdowns were something very unusual, something that DJs saved for special moments in a set. DJs and clubbers alike will love and appreciate the fact that Elysium, through its many twists and turns, breathes in and out with fluid persistence, without needing to lower its pace for one second. This is an emotional, melodic journey through driving and evocative trance music which keeps feet on the floor and locks the listener in. Trance in its purest form.
Artist: Peter Steele
Track: Elysium
Label: Pure Trance
Release Date: April 25th 2016

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