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Progressive maestro Gai Barone takes the driving seat on remix duties for Bonzai Progressive as he dives deep into the anatomy of Universal Nation, penned in 1998 Belgian trance legend Push. From the very first play out, this one became an instant classic with its soaring synths, chugging bassline, swirling melodies and driving beats. It quickly gained a massive worldwide following as it spearheaded a burgeoning scene creating a multitude of hands in the air moments for the masses. Overwhelmed by the response, Push aka M.I.K.E. soon found himself travelling the world and playing out in front of thousands, both as a DJ and using a live band set-up.
Gai Barone delivers pure quality with everything he touches and is very much revered by his peers as an inspirational figure. He takes us on a sublime journey with his alternative take on this classic. Right from the off we find ourselves drawn in as surreal, swirling pads and FX create a scattered texture. Chunky kick drums soon follow and a super tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing. Vocals from the original masterpiece are on display as well as extended vocal snippets from the original source. In comes that classic melody that fades into existence to the backdrop of a solid, driving bassline that captivates the mind. The break is simply sublime as Gai takes the tempo down before rising back into full on mode. An absolute stomping remix that will definitely become a firm favourite among many.
Artist: Push, Gai Barone
Track: Universal Nation (Gai Barone Remix)
Label: Bonzai Progressive
Release Date: March 13th 2017
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