Roger Shah & Genie O’Malley – Touch The Feelz

Roger Shah & Genie O'Malley - Touch The Feelz
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“Touch The Feelz” is to celebrate feeling. Connecting words, dance, and rhythm consciously, so love can move into our lives. We touch our feelz to wake them up and bring feeling into the moment. This immensely powerful collaboration with the legendary Roger Shah and Chicago based Genie O’Malley will lead you to a higher state of being and consciousness. The waking message in the track and intense buildup will most certainly enlighten you and take you on intriguing paths that you may have never noticed was down the road of your life journey. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
Artist: Roger Shah, Genie O’Malley
Title: Touch The Feelz
Label: Magic Island Elevate
Release Date: May 29th 2020
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