Roger Shah presents LeiLani – Eternal Time

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Through Roger Shah’s new Magic Island Elevate imprint, Roger’s reteamed with the Hawaii-to-LA shuttling singer/songwriter LeiLani.
Given its first airing in the closing minutes of his “Magic Island Vol. 8” mix-comp midway through the summer, with his Uplifting Mix, Roger delivers full justice to track.
Played out by a deliberately floor-provoking tempo, “Eternal Time” is substantial drums and brisk percussion rig a formidable platform the track. From there Roger floats in zephyr-ish harmonies, diffused, hovering, piano notes and super-heated pad & chord movements. LeiLani’s expectant lyrics and blissed-filled song meanwhile cut straight to the heart of the track, lending it wistful “endless summer” vibe.
Artist: Roger Shah, LeiLani
Title: Eternal Time
Label: Magic Island Elevate
Release Date: September 04th 2017
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