Ron with Leeds – Nephilim

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German DJ & Producer-Duo Ron with Leeds is back on Soluna Music with a new, monumental progressive trance EP that depicts darkened, biblical themes.
“Nephilim,” the title cut, is graceful and spectacular! The duo’s signature beat is imbued with a captivating hook that promulgates the dream sequence with mesmerizing arpeggiated leads. Evocative bass lines and profound, sometimes haunting, melodies and choral chants induce kinesthetic stimulation, in between the heavenly breakdown, and climatic drop that delivers a hands-in-the-air pounding on the dance floor.
“Asmodeus”, a song that centers on the sinister darkness itself, is bent on extinguishing the light from the world with its haunting motifs. Imagine the silhouette of a Romanian castle engulfed by a full moon, giving illusion to a large cat’s eye from a distance. Castlevania’s Belmont family is tasked with confronting Asmodeus, the demonic power within. A vigorous intro, arpeggiated leads, heart-pounding grooves, and choral chants depict an endless battle of Light vs. Darkness. This is the symphony of the night.
Artist: Ron with Leeds
Track: Nephilim / Asmodeus
Label: Soluna Music
Release Date: October 01st 2018
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