Sergey Nevone – Unhappy Marionette (Simon O’Shine Remix)

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5 years after original release, “Unhappy Marionette” comes back with refreshed, fully uplifting and dynamic interpretation from Simon O’Shine. Beautiful story that all of us can relate to. We are living with the boundaries and limitations, that are created by ourselves. It is only up to us to escape from this illusion.
This remix brings back uplifting, emotional style that is already signature sound of Simon O’Shine, in fact it is his first remix in 4 years! Refreshed version of Sergey Nevone’s original from 2014 deliver very dynamic mix with elements well known from the original version. Soft piano in heavenly arranged breakdown is quite contrastic with the rest of a track as the beats are more agressive and punchy. High euphoria comes shortly after breakdown when the melody starts to fade in and show it’s character. Certainly this is what uplifting fans are all about! Fully emotional release that makes you question everything around but in the same yourself and role you play in this world.
Artist: Sergey Nevone, Simon O’Shine
Track: Unhappy Marionette (Simon O’Shine Remix)
Label: Audioresearch Music
Release Date: February 25th 2019
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