Simon O’Shine – Spiritual Outsiders

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Be carried by the waves of sound, and feel the vibrations of the higher consciousness, access a deeper level of trance and be part of the revolution. With a new approach and experimental sounds, this progressive piece combines perfectly psychedelic elements to give you an unforgettable journey and introspection of the selfness. This is a trip for all those outsiders, for those who use music as a key for unlocking their spirits. Flowy, melodic, but still energetic, Spiritual Outsiders is here from outer limits of space to reach the inner you. Be enlightened.
Artist: Simon O’Shine
Track: Spiritual Outsiders
Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Release Date: August 01st 2016
Connect with Simon O’Shine:
Connect with Trance All-Stars Records:
Take a listen to Simon O’Shine – Spiritual Outsiders here:

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