Solarstone & Thea Riley – I Want You Here

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Rich has given “I Want You Here” an Club Mix expansion that, over nine minutes, finds yet greater still emotional reach in Thea Riley’s voice and song. Walking the tightrope between the track’s exposed lyrics and its impassioned delivery, Thea pulls off a nuanced balancing act. With its verses imploring and heartfelt, Australian singer dials into extraordinary levels of introspection, whilst reserving its most eminently touching & impossible-to-ignore moments for the chorus.
Through his Club Mix’s production, Rich mirrors each expressive arc in simpatico. Warm, break-of-dawn synths, strings and temperate chords engage with its skiff-ling percussion & tinkling sub-melodies. As the bass rolls in and its pianoforte chimes, no lyrical/vocal wrench goes unreciprocated.
Artist: Solarstone, Thea Riley
Track: I Want You Here
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: August 03rd 2018
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