Ahmed Romel relaunches Orchestrance

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In December 2016 Ahmed Romel decided to take a break with his beloved weekly radio show “Orchestrance” to focus more on his career as producer and deejay. Now, 10 months later Ahmed announced the official relaunch and all fans (us included) are excited.
Orchestrance will return in the first week of October with a new format and schedule. Planned are about 2 – 4 episodes every month without fixed schedule. All episodes will be available through the established streaming & music portals such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud, iTunes and YouTube. An availability through Spotify is not planned at the moment. Also a Facebook live broadcast is not yet confirmed.
Ahmed will also vary in the length of each episode. If there is enough “epic” music available one show could last to 2 hours.
The focus is on good listening pleasure. We can’t want till the first episode of the relaunched “Orchestrance” will be available!
Till the first “relaunched” episode of Orechstrance will be available, you can listen to the last episodes before the break here:

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