Aly & Fila are rocking the Trance Nation

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One of the most popular compilation mixed, a new artist album announced… Aly & Fila are on fire! We thought it was time to chat with them about there actual music and plans. Enjoy reading! 😉
TranceAttack: First of all, congrats for the release of your “Trance Nation” mix compilation. What had you in mind as you’ve been asked to mix this years edition?
Aly & Fila:
Thanks, was an honour to work on the compilation. To try make compilation to the best of our ability.
TranceAttack: How did you work on this compilation? Had you a special idea in mind when you started with the work on it?
Aly & Fila:
We wanted to create a compilation that was true to ourselves, the style we play and make music.
TranceAttack: We were totally suprised as you announced at the beginning 2014 your new artist album ‘The Other Shore’ (only 1 year after your long player “Quiet Storm”)! Are there already details you can talk about?
Aly & Fila:
The album will be released this summer, is coming together really well, first single off the album will be released soon. 😉
TranceAttack: You started 2014 impressive with the release of your ‘Quiet Storm – The Remixes’ album. If you had to pick one track each, what is the record that has had the most amazing rework in your opinion?
Aly & Fila:
Wow tough one, as they were all amazing remixes, everyone did great job , maybe the Mark Sherry Remix of Brilliant People.
TranceAttack: There are now many new faces in the scene and also some on your label “Future Sound Of Egypt”. To whom should we pay particular attention?
Aly & Fila:
Hazem Beltagui is a star of the future , Fady & Mina, Arctic Moon, Neptune Project, A&Z, Mohamed Ragab and many others.
TranceAttack: You both are very often separated, as you Fadi are travelling a lot for the “Aly & Fila” dj bookings. How can I imagine your production work together? Is there a leasedline via skype or do you work everyone for himself?
Aly & Fila:
It is no problem, we both have our own studios where we work on parts of tracks then when we are both in Cairo together we go into our main studio and finish off the track together.
TranceAttack: Fadi, once gratulations for the birth of your son. How did this wonderful event changed your daily life – especially as you are the globetrotter from you both?
Aly & Fila:
Thanks :), Words cannot describe what a beautiful amazing feeling becoming a father is, Naguib is such a great son to have . Of course it has changed our lives but for the better, in such a positive amazing way.
TranceAttack: You started to make music in a time where producing music happened in a studio mostly with hardware. How has the technical evolution changed your way to make music?
Aly & Fila:
Like anything in life, you have to evolve over time, adapt with the technology, but sure the more advanced technology becomes , you can keep learning and evolving.
TranceAttack: Also the technical evolution of deejay equipment is really impressive. What is your prefered equipment you spin with? Do you prefer CD’s or USB Stick?
Aly & Fila:
USB 100%, crazy how the art has evolved.
TranceAttack: What is your opinion on the future of the EDM?
Aly & Fila:
It will keep growing and growing and growing, what wonderful music to be involved with, don’t forget we never lose our love and roots, we are very proud to be able to make music and DJ, the fans are our inspiration.
TranceAttack: Thanks for the interview and we wish you all the best for the future!
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