Armin van Buuren launches documentary called “Mr. Perfect”!

Armin van Buuren launches documentary called "Mr. Perfect"!
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Armin van Buuren started sharing a very personal documentary about the early days of his musical career. The six-episode story takes viewers on a ride through the mind of the five-time #1 DJ in the world himself as he gives a unique insight into his life as an artist, from his days as a curious toddler to the struggles and insecurities he faced as an emerging artist. In the end, it all culminates in the “The Best Of Armin Only” show at the Johan Cruijf ArenA in Amsterdam on May 12th and 13th 2017, his biggest show to date.
Episode 1
Episode 1 of “Mr. Perfect” tells the story of how Armin van Buuren caught the dance music bug back when he still lived with his parents. It focusses on his first music industry success through breakthrough record “Blue Fear”, starting and finishing up his “plan B” education and his 40th birthday, a memorable moment celebrates with friends, colleagues and business partners alike.

Episode 2
In episode 2 of “Mr. Perfect”, Armin van Buuren pays JUNKIE XL a visit in his L.A. studio. Peers such as long-time colleague Ferry Corsten talk about the release of Armin’s classic track “Communication”. Maykel Piron, David Lewis and Armin himself tell all about the start of their record label (Armada Music), and Armin’s friends and family open up about the ups and downs in his career.

Episode 3
Friends and family can play a very important role in the life and career of an artist, and episode 3 of “Mr. Perfect” tells the story of such support from loved ones. It revolves around Armin and his childhood friends Ruud and Vincent, and about how he met his now-wife Erika on Ibiza while he was there with Ruud and Vincent. We all knew how Erika grew to become his tower of strength, of course.

Episode 4
Episode 4 of “Mr. Perfect” features Armin’s brother Eller, who shared the stage with him during several “Armin Only Shows”. The episode also focusses on the early days of Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show, which went on to become one of the biggest, globally syndicated dance music radio shows today.

Episode 5
Episode 5 of “Mr. Perfect” uncovers many of the struggles that come with organizing large-scale events such as “The Best Of Armin Only”. It also dives into the history of the Armin Only shows, from the very first event at Ahoy to the freakishly bad weather at Armin Only in Argentina.

Episode 6
Closing things off, Episode 6 of “Mr. Perfect” revolves around the finals preparations for The “Best Of Armin Only”, coursing through the final rehearsals at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Armin himself visits the venue for “The Best Of Armin Only” – The Johan Cruijff ArenA – for the first time, and is shocked at the size of it.

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