This is the Line Up for A State Of Trance 1000 on September 3rd/4th 2021 in Utrecht!

ASOT 1000 Line Up
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Few artists get to truly make history, but Armin van Buuren has done just that with the broadcast of the 1000th episode of his A State Of Trance radio show. During the historic, five-hour-long episode, which reached over 50 million fans from 121 different countries together with the seven-day-long countdown stream, the five-time DJ in the world launched the official anthem for ASOT 1000 (reach divided over 100 radio stations, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and VK live streams). He also unveiled the top 50 of the fan-voted ASOT Top 1000 and even revealed his plans for a full-blown A State Of Trance 1000 weekend taking place in September this year, all throughout a special, five-hour-long milestone episode fans will remember for a long time to come.

Armin van Buuren’s radio show A State Of Trance has come a long way since its start in 2001. Now in 2021 the show has developed into a weekly highlight for more than 40 million listeners, broadcasting to over 100 FM stations and fans from over 84 countries. And especially in these strange pandemic times the show unites people all over the world… and hopefully soon also again on the dance floor!

As announced by Armin van Buuren live on the show, the one-time-only, two-show A State Of Trance 1000 celebration weekend starts on Friday, September 03rd 2021 with a show that pays tribute to twenty years of A State Of Trance. The second show on Saturday, September 4th 2021, is a more “usual” celebration of A State Of Trance in line with the previous milestone celebrations (ASOT 950, 900, 850, 800 etc.) and is meant to have fans looking forward to all that’s still to come for A State Of Trance.

This is the Line Up for the ASOT1000 weekend:

20 YEARS A STATE OF TRANCE (Friday, September 03rd 2021)
Armin van Buuren (special 5-hour set) | Allen Watts | Ben Gold | Ciaran McAuley | Factor B | ReOrder | Xijaro & Pitch

CELEBRATING THE 1000TH EPISODE OF ASOT (Saturday, September 4th 2021)
Alex Sonata & TheRio | Armin van Buuren | Avira | Bogdan Vix | Bryan Kearney | Cosmic Gate | Craig Connelly | Cubicore | Eugenio Tokarev | Farius| Giuseppe Ottaviani Live 3.0 | Hollt | John O’Callaghan | Jordin Post | Jorn van Deynhoven | Lange | Liquid Soul | M.I.K.E. Push | Maarten de Jong | Marco V | Matt Fax | Maxim Lany | NWYR | Rank 1 | Robbie Seed | Rodg | Ruben de Ronde | Scorz | Scot Project | Signum | Siskin | Solarstone | Sound Quelle | System F | Tall Paul | The Thrillseekers | Will Atkinson

ASOT 1000 Line Up

Listen to the ASOT1000 anthem here:
Armin van Buuren - Turn The World Into A Dancefloor (ASOT 1000 Anthem)

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