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The third precursor single from Cosmic Gate’s new album “MOSAIIK” has arrived… The track features the swiftest of returns for Diana Miro, who made a seismic vocal impact on Cosmic Gate’s “Blame” single earlier in the year.
If “Blame”’s taught us anything it’s that Diana’s a singer who wears her heart resolutely on the sleeve, and ‘Nothing To Hide’ retains the same authenticity and disarming honesty that lent “Blame” its expressive electricity. The lyrics are a meaningful meditation on the walls we unknowingly build and the trust needed to bring them down. Again, Diana translates thoughts-to-song in a fashion that delivers equal parts emotive heft and wildfire catchiness, ensuring her refrains sit long in the mind.
Through their studio work, Nic & Bossi channel the emotional tussle of Diana’s words perfectly, covering them innately in a cooler trance wrap. Beat by beat, they echo her open-hearted contemplations, only latterly – through the drop’s epically stunning piano solo – marking “Nothing To Hide”’s the revelatory tipping point.
Artist: Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro
Track: Nothing To Hide
Label: Wake Your Mind Records
Release Date: August 06th 2021
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