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Did you miss Protect your Mind (Braveheart) from back in 1999? Don’t worry anymore as DJ Sakin and Talla 2XLC resurface the classic perfectly updated with the current full-on uplifting euphoric Psy Trance sound. So wear your kilts, raise your hands and let the epic fantasy begin. The track packs a lot of full-on energetic basslines, pumping kicks, bouncy beats and enormous intensity. The real deal is the huge long breakdown that reveals all the bagpipes and cinematic strings for the ultimate Scottish adventure on the dancefloors. The buildup is teasing and manages easily to excite and uplift the spirits and the minds. You will feel very brave in your heart for sure. The climax is a mega-blockbuster as you expected it to be with that unforgettable melody plus some extra new melodies to make it even more satisfying.
Artist: DJ Sakin, Talla 2XLC
Track: Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)
Label: That’s Trance
Release Date: December 02nd 2022
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