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Juraj Klička can look back to impressive three years. Since the launch of the project “Driftmoon” back in 2013 Juraj runs from success to success. His music can be defined as melodic arena trance with wide variation in both trance and uplifting trance and tracks like “Howl At The Moon” or the amazing “Exodus / Leviticus / Genesis” trilogy with American violinist Dsharp are already classified as future trance classics.
Now finally his creative unstoppable output has lead in one unique album “(R)Evolution”!
Juraj about (R)Evolution: “This album is a manifest of a personality which was rumbling deep inside me for an incredibly long time. A personality which was begging to be released into the outside world. It’s a manifest of pure emotion and creativity which I didn’t know I even possessed. This project made me sustain and endure everything and I considered it a personal duty (and honour) to finish it and dedicate it to people who may be struggling with difficulties in their lives. I’ve had most of the tracklist for the album finished way before there was any single melody written. I’ve been subconsciously creating this album for years and it felt like I’ve been rediscovering it during different phases of its creation and it’s been a true blessing that I was honoured to work with such an amazing team of musicians who managed to perfectly convey my (and their own) ideas for each track. Two heads really know more than one. And when musicians meet, results are usually more than staggering.
One of my goals was to make the soloists, instrumentalists and singers shine as much as possible. Apart from the whole orchestra, every album guest was provided with freedom to do whatever they felt was right, and what they thought works the best for the track. I absolutely love and adore the way they influenced, sculpted and shaped the sound of the album and thanks to them and them only every musical piece was able to reach a whole new level.”

Driftmoon – (R)Evolution is out on the 18th of November 2016!
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Tracklist (R)Evolution:
01. Driftmoon – Natural Expansion
02. Driftmoon – The Ark
03. Driftmoon with Laurie Ann Haus – Felix
04. Driftmoon with Kim Kiona – Stay
05. Driftmoon feat. Tina Guo & Zefora – (R)Evolution
06. Driftmoon with Merethe Soltvedt – Until It’s Over
07. Driftmoon – Starfall
08. Driftmoon with Zefora – Jericho
09. Driftmoon & Sylvia Tosun with Geronimo – Haze
10. Driftmoon – Dawn of Mankind
11. Driftmoon – The Dark Ride
12. Driftmoon – Nakeru

Driftmoon - (R)Evolution