Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 mixed by Estiva & Juventa

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Out to show the world that ‘music sounds better when it’s Enhanced’,Dutch rising stars Estiva and Juventa have been granted the helm for Volume 4 of the acclaimed Enhanced Sessions series and have delivered a sensational 2-disc, 38-track compilation featuring mostly unreleased productions, and tracks and remixes from the likes of Estiva and Juventa, plus Tritonal, BT, Dyro, Myon & Shane 54, LTN and more.
Set to release on 22nd September through Enhanced Music, Volume 4 marks praised producer Estiva’s third appearance and 19-year-old wunderkind Juventa’s debut on the Enhanced Sessions series. With 2014 holding smash hits from Estiva like his ‘3 Strikes EP’ and ‘Wait Forever’ and highly-regarded releases from Juventa like ‘Superhuman’, ‘Move Into Light’and his ‘Culture Flow’ EP,Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 is sure to be another credible benchmark for ‘the label that delivers tune after tune’ (Mixmag).
Bringing you some of the best in forward thinking dance music, the collection features three fresh, new productions from Estiva: ‘Feels Right’, ‘Voices’ and ‘Let It Go’ and four new tracks from Juventa titled ‘Superhuman’, ‘Woolloomooloo’,’SHWDWN’ and ‘Torque’. Accompanying the lengthy list of premieres will be label co-owners Tritonal’s third and final EP in their Metamorphic series, as well as an impressive remix of their massive hit ‘Colors’ from the compilation mixers themselves.

We had the chance to take a listen into the compilation before the release. Here is our review for you:

Enhanced continues the evolution process of the last months, where the main label “Enhanced” was more and more established for progressive sounds and the sub-labels concentrate more on the different sub-genres. The new Enhanced Sessions Volume 4 is the perfect proof of the fullfilled development – so you don’t have to expect a Trance mix compilation!
Estiva does not spent time for a long intro and long build up with his mix on CD1. He starts directly with progressive beats and catchy melodies. The listener is immediately swept away and falls instantly in a pleasing rockers and nod. A good sign for quality music. In addition to the expected, charts known tracks, the mix is distinguished by many exclusive songs that can only be found on this compilation.
That makes them not only worth listening to, but also increases their value to the collector plate. The first good impression does not deceive, because even after repeated listening, the disc does not lose its catchiness. That and the varied assortment of songs makes for a pleasant musical experience- switching between the different sub-genres of edm – from progressive house to trance.
Juventa goes a slightly different way with his mix on CD2 – Again, there is no lack of progressive basslines and catchy melodies. But the playful sounds and smashing Drops goes a bit more the euphoric sound you can associate as big room. But that does not mean this the mix by Juventa is less danceable… it reflects the confidence that is already clear… Progressive House is not all the same.
Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 is certainly a great piece of music and offers with its many exclusive tracks and the high-profile mixes of Estiva and Juventa a musical experience of high quality. But please do not except a trance compilation!

Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 mixed by Estiva & Juventa is out on September 22nd, 2014!

Pre-Order your signed Copy at the Enhanced Store: http://enhan.co/ESV4-CD
Pre-Order at iTunes: http://enhan.co/ESV4-iT
CD1 – mixed by Estiva

01. Hokima – Kino (Original Mix)
02. Estiva & The Spacies – Voices (Estiva Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
03. Kago Pengchi – The Phantom (Original Mix)
04. Fon.Leman – Cerberus (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
05. Donati & Amato – Invincible (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
06. Chris Ramos feat Juvon Taylor – Just Wait For It (Original Mix)
07. Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora – Palm Of Your Hand (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
08. Estiva & Sarah Russell – Feels Right (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
09. Daniel Kandi feat. Sarah Russell – Change The World (Estiva Remix)
10. Estiva – Boxmeister (Original Mix)
11. Tritonal feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Satellite (Extended Mix)
12. Alex Klingle – Phase Shift (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
13. Tritonal – Anchor (Original Mix)
14. Kevin Charm – Sydneysider (Original Mix)
15. LTN feat. Christina Novelli – Feeling Like Yeah (Alexander Popov Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
16. Estiva – Shoesham (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal & Paris Blohm feat. Sterling Fox – Colors (Estiva vs. Juventa Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
18. Misha Kitone & K.S.Y. – Champions (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
19. Estiva – Let It Go (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
CD2 – mixed by Juventa
01. Juventa – NTRMZ (Original Mix)
02. Aruna – Start A Fire (Mr. FijiWiji Remix)
03. Chris Ramos & MC Flipside – What You Waiting For (Original Mix)
04. Kago Pengchi – Sinabro (Original Mix)
05. Cole Plante feat. Ruby O’Dell (with Myon & Shane 54) – If I Fall (Juventa Remix)
06. Wrechiski – Vice Chase (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
07. Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet – Superhuman (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
08. Juventa – Torque (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
09. Favright – Green Storm (Original Mix)
10. Suspect 44 – The End (Blend Pres. Volant Remix)
11. Tritonal feat. Phoebe Ryan – Now Or Never (Estiva vs. Juventa Remix)
12. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
13. Speed Limits – Petrichor (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
14. Juventa – Woolloomooloo (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
15. Aerosoul & Yoel feat. Jenny Mayhem – Dreams Come True (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
16. Dyro – Black Smoke (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal vs. Mr. FijiWiji – Seraphic (Club Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
18. Juventa – SHWDWN (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
19. Tygris – Lyra (T-Mass Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]

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