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Ferry Corsten’s latest studio project “Blueprint” has set him on course for his own discovery as a producer, artist and storyteller. And he wants you to join him on this journey…
In a voyage to design something that would illuminate beyond just the dance floor, Ferry has pieced together a truly remarkable piece of work in this enthralling concept album that puts focus on a narrative of the existence of mankind and our desire to reach beyond on our own world, for love, for curiosity, for the exploration of our existence?
From the opening title track – “Blueprint” – this sci-fi inspired release synthesizes an interstellar journey wrapped in wonder, love and the unknown. Through the stories of the album’s protagonists Lukas and Vee, listeners are propelled into a cinematic voyage that is story-driven by narration, whilst encapsulated in a musical craftsmanship that will have its audience in awe. From the enchantingly uplifting tones of Gouryella’s “Venera (Vee’s Theme)” to the stargazing splendour of “Edge Of The Skye”, Ferry has pieced together an album that tonally ignites all the right sentiment. Gravitated by the space odyssey of “A World Beyond” the album is thrust into a weaving metronomic launch with “Trust”, as “Blueprint” manages to combine masterful musical strokes of pure brilliance with several moments of gargantuan seismic textures. The full tracklist offers tense, emotive pieces, aligned with industriously rich and strikingly, grand electronic space jams; “Blueprint” offers the listener an unknown world to explore whilst undeniably showcasing a vision never before heard from Ferry Corsten’s previous studio output.
This fifth album installment from Ferry Corsten is his boldest and most ambitious to date. A conceptual long player that stretches far beyond its musical foundations and into the galaxy with a futuristic narrative. “Blueprint” cites references from esteemed authors of the Sci-fi genre such as Hugo Gernsback and HG Wells, and delves deep into a storyboard crafted by the minds of David H Miller (of House Of Cards and Rosewood fame) and Ferry himself, giving the listener a cosmic adventure of truly interstellar proportion – voiced by Campbell Scott known for Hollywood box office hits such as The Amazing Spider-Man.
Ferry Corsten’s fifth artist album “Blueprint” is out on May 26th 2017!
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Tracklist “Blueprint”:
01. Ferry Corsten – Reception
02. Ferry Corsten – Blueprint
03. Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere – Your Face
04. Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – Venera
05. Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere – Something to Believe In
06. Ferry Corsten feat. Niels Geusebroek – Waiting
07. Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE – Here We Are
08. Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE – Edge of the Sky
09. Ferry Corsten – A World Beyond
10. Ferry Corsten – Trust
11. Ferry Corsten – Lonely Inside
12. Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE – Piece of You
13. Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE – Wherever You Are
14. Ferry Corsten – Drum’s a Weapon
15. Ferry Corsten feat. Clairity – Reanimate
16. Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere & HALIENE – Another Sunrise
17. Ferry Corsten – Eternity