Ferry Corsten delights us with his project UNITY!

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2018 is all about UNITY for Ferry Corsten. Starting with a wonderful collab together with Paul Oakenfold, the project will continue with many collabs in a series. For each UNITY single Ferry Corsten will collab with another trance artist.
But UNITY is much more as only a collaboration series. The project is focused around the idea that trance music “UNITES” to help a cause! Therefor the collab series is the main idea (with “A Slice Of Heaven” together with Paul Oakenfold as the first single). These collab releases and performances will  occurre all through the year 2018. Parts of the proceeds from the UNITY will be used for educational purposes for music schools, through a partnership with Vh1’s “Save The Music” foundation.
Ferry to Billboard about UNITY: “In my style of music, trance, there’s a lot of that going on. I feel that the genre is chopping itself up into smaller pieces, and therefore it is not really creating that massive movement that other genres have right now.”
Ferry continues: “In this industry, whether you’re a clubber or your a producer or DJ, it’s very safe to say that all of us really enjoy it immensely. It’s a very motivating thing in my life, and I’ve enjoyed it every day as a producer, but there’s also a lot of people that are not fortunate enough to even get close to any of this – not as a clubber, let alone be able to get a chance to touch the technology that we play with basically every day to make music, or to play records, or record tracks as a DJ. VH1 Save The Music is a tech grant that facilitates these underprivileged people to have a chance to get this, which is pretty cool I think. That’s the extra scoop of the whole UNITY thing. It’s for everyone.”
After the massive #UNITY launch with legend Paul Oakenfold and the follow up with Spanish talent Dim3nsion, the journey continues with Jordan Suckley and Saad Ayub, ilan Bluestone, BT and Gabriel & Dresden. More are about to come!
Ferry Corsten continues to take UNITY on the road, performing alongside his collaborators, to further showcase that different styles and tempos can live together under one roof in perfect harmony.
We can’t wait to see and hear the result of this wonderful project. Music UNITES!
Ferry’s UNITY discography so far:
Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold – A Slice Of Heaven
Ferry Corsten & Dim3nsion – Safe With Me
Ferry Corsten & Jordan Suckley – Rosetta
Ferry Corsten & Saad Ayub – Synchronicity
Ferry Corsten & ilan Bluestone – We’re Not Going Home
Ferry Corsten & BT – 1997
Ferry Corsten & Gabriel & Dresden – I Am

  • Ferry Corsten & Gabriel & Dresden - I Am

  • Ferry Corsten with Jordan Suckley

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