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May 20 sees the release of the first part of “Horizons”, Giuseppe Ottaviani’s 2022 album project. His fifth long-player marks musical milestones for the Italian Music Lover in a number of different ways.

In the eyes of fans, Giuseppe has remained the most steadfast producer in the genre. Famed for his resolutely exacting productions, there’s been a long-held perception of him as a “known quantity”. For those prepared to look deeper though, there’s always been another side to the composer, performer, and most recently teacher. Giuseppe’s been a deft and artful innovator – balancing out that dependability with hidden-in-plain-sight advancements. That characteristic has now been channeled into his “Horizons” project.

Giuseppe’s Live 2.0 & 3.0 performances essentially turned clubs into recording studios, in turn beginning the production processes for 2019’s “Evolver” album. Earlier than that even, with 2016’s “Alma”, his “Slow Emotion” tracks had already begun playing with the idea of what Giuseppe ‘was’. In tandem, they were essentially laying the foundation blocks for “Horizons”.

Commenting on this “modification” (as Giuseppe terms it), he observes that “change seems to have become our “constant” of late. As such, I imagine that something of this nature was always going to be reflected in the ‘Horizons’ albums”. What that modification means in real terms is “music produced with less of a club floor focus to it. Adaptable, certainly, he suggests, but at this moment in time, not reliant upon.”

Ottaviani’s most predominant shift in concentration has been in tone and song. Specifically, that meant utilizing sounds from outside of his usual remit and a greatly increased emphasis on deeply meaningful and relatable lyrics. Indeed, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Evolver’ hold their own unique symbiosis: ‘Evolver’ is purely instrumental, while ‘Horizons [Part 1]’ is vocal-detailed near enough throughout. That, to no small degree, was due to the prevailing circumstances. Clubs were closed, but singers and songwriters were anything but. This allowed Giuseppe all the time necessary to pinpoint the voices that would work best with the music he was producing and rally them to its cause.

With the artistic taps wide open, ‘Horizons’ productions became an outpour. To such a degree in fact, that it quickly spilled the banks of the conventional album and was divided, naturally enough, into two. Through its advance-word singles, “Horizons (Part 1)” has already outlined a cooler, deeper, more mindful tone to fans. That – often for the first time – has brought voices well-known in other electronic music quarters to trance’s door. Among them have been songstresses like Monika Santucci, April Bender, Mila Josef, and Natalie Shay. Giuseppe also draws on deeper tones from vocalists like Jan Burton and Dan Soleil, all of who collectively shape the unique sound of “Horizons (Part 1)”.

At every opportunity, Giuseppe gently underscores that the two volumes of ‘Horizons’ don’t necessarily represent a permanent change. It’s a vocal yin to “Evolver”’s instrumental yang, a sonic amendment that chimes more with our current times and a reflection of an artist more adept at adapting than conventional wisdom suggests.

With Part 3, Giuseppe brings his OnAir sound into the Horizons Journey with 15 OnAir Mixes of tunes from Part 1 and 2.

Part 1 of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s fifth artist album “Horizons” is out on May 20th, 2022! Part 2 will follow on November 11th, 2022! Part 3 completes “Horizons” on December 16th, 2022!
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Tracklist “Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons (Part 1)”:
1. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Monika Santucci – With You
2. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Dan Soleil – Hero
3. Giuseppe Ottaviani & April Bender – Something I Can Dream About
4. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Mila Josef – Fade Away
5. Giuseppe Ottaviani – The Wind in Your Face
6. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Natalie Shay – Replay
7. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jan Burton – Colour Me
8. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Fahrenheit
9. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Hypaton – Tree of Souls

Tracklist “Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons (Part 2)”:
1. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Christian Burns – Closer
2. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Sarah de Warren – Melody
3. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Richard Walters – Keep You Safe
4. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Under Dark Skies
5. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Katrine Stenbekk – Bittersweet
6. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Jess Ball – Silhouettes & Outlines
7. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Celsius
8. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Sue McLaren – Freedom
9. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Treetalk – Won’t Matter Much

Tracklist “Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons (Part 3)”:
01. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Monika Santucci – With You (OnAir Extended Mix)
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Dan Soleil – Hero (OnAir Extended Mix)
03. Giuseppe Ottaviani & April Bender – Something I Can Dream About (OnAir Extended Mix)
04. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Mila Josef – Fade Away (OnAir Extended Mix)
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani – The Wind In Your Face (OnAir Extended Mix)
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Natalie Shay – Replay (OnAir Extended Mix)
07. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jan Burton – Colour Me (OnAir Extended Mix)
08. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Fahrenheit (OnAir Extended Mix)
09. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns – Closer (OnAir Extended Mix)
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Sarah De Warren – Melody (OnAir Extended Mix)
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Richard Walters – Keep You Safe (OnAir Extended Mix)
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jess Ball – Silhouettes & Outlines (OnAir Extended Mix)
13. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Celsius (OnAir Extended Mix)
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Sue McLaren – Freedom (OnAir Extended Mix)
15. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Treetalk – Won’t Matter Much (OnAir Extended Mix)