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We talked with Daniel Kandi about his label and the 200th release of “Always Alive Recordings”, the new mix-compilation “#AA200” and much more! Enjoy reading!
TranceAttack: Hey Daniel, such a great reason to have you for a chat. Congrats for the 200th release of your label „Always Alive Recordings” and of course the release of your celebration mix-compilation! Did you expect such a massive milestone when you were about to start the label?
No honestly i didn’t. Im just happy that the quality is consistent with each release, courtesy of proper mixing and mastering, so that every tune sounds top notch. 200 releases wasn’t in my mind at all. Like mentioned before, i just wanna release nice sounding tunes. 🙂 But of course we are all superpleased on the AA team!
TranceAttack: To celebrate the 200th release, you packed together more than 30 tracks into one fine compilation. How did you choose the tracks?
I based the selection more on how I felt about the tracks myself, but also where I told the AA team to show me a list of sales so I could also check which might have had extra support from the fans. So kinda combined it, and got most of the tunes correct I think. Although I couldn’t avoid disappointing some artists about forgetting tracks that deserved to be on there. So Sorry for that hehe! But yeah. 3 hour selection isn’t too bad is it.
TranceAttack: What can the listener expect?
For this particular 200 mix i’ve chosen the best in uplift + a few techyer or psy-inspired tunes, and 8 exclusives that are really special to me. Especially the revived “Three Months” as that tune is more than a DECADE old. Never released as we never found a home for it. I just repolished the master a bit for a 2017 feel to the EQ of the sound. Hope u like it!
TranceAttack: Anniversaries are always a point to have a look into the future. What is about to come the next month with Always Alive and of course Daniel Kandi?
Alot more music from myself infact. But also for other labels, a I wanna spread my wings a bit. But both new tracks from me for my own label, and others. Got a few tricks up my sleeve in regards to whats new on AA, some really tight tracks to be honest!
TranceAttack: Over the past years we had an ongoing development back from cd / vinyl sales to download stores, back from download stores to streaming portals… How did the label business change for you over the years? Did it become easier or harder?
Harder! Alot of labels are struggling. I understand the exposure via spotify is opening peoples eyes to trance more easy, but it’s definately making it much tougher for new names to make a buck or two. I miss the fanmentality that was really about SUPPORTING tracks legally, and especially miss the vinyls, as the charm around an mp3 file is really rather nonexistent. I think the only thing having become easier, is opening rekordbox and assembling your playlists on a USB and not having to rely on scratched cd’s and even more scratched vinyls!
TranceAttack: You are Denmark`s signboard for high quality uplift music and have remained to “trance” over all the years. How do you see the development of Trance in all these times and headlines like „Trance is dead”, „The comeback of Trance” and „Oh wait… Trance is dead again…”?
I stopped looking. It only depresses you. So why waste time on it. We make what we love, and hopefully someone will support it! 🙂
TranceAttack: DJ/Producer is not normal 9 to 5 job. Aside this your a very successful Pool player. You won the Danish Championship several times, for example. What was first? The enthusiasm
for Pool or Trance?
Pool and Snooker was first. Although when I started pool in 93 in the youthclub, i also started to buy cd’s of eurodance and slightly trancy compilations. So they were almost simultanious discoveries. I still love both alot, so I try to find time for it all.
TranceAttack: As mentioned before, you are from Aalborg/Denmark. Can you tell us something about the Danish Trance Scene?
What scene? hahah! It’s tiny as **** But you know what it’s ok! Those few fans that are still with us, are super dedicated, and that is enough for me, while the masses listens to 110bpm sleephouse and trap and what not. I would rather avoid conforming to a style just because it would mean you joined the average joe in pop-harmony and popularity. At least Distortion CPH has some dedicated trancenerds working on getting more trance on the map. I saw my debut there this year. Very fun to play these streetfestivals where you get your dedicated people, plus some folks passing by, sometimes being pleasantly surprised about the music. Always nice to see.
TranceAttack: We recognized that your also have a quit intensive connection to good food. Is it giving you the balance to your exciting life?
It’s just a part of life isn’t it. Problem is i like the good tasty big meals, so that doesn’t help my weight! But most of my guests in my apartment always speak highly of my mediumrare steak, because I love to cook those with a passion for TASTE. Let’s face it, im a foodie to a certain extend. Didi who booked me for this years Bangkok show, trusted my stomach and my review of a certain steakhouse called “Retour” enroute her trip to Copenhagen, and I asked her yesterday, if my stomach was correct or wrong…. She said it was their best meal during the stay! So I can’t go wrong! Also note the best Ribs in the world exist in Amsterdam at De Nachtvacht. Many of the fans at Lumi plus quite a few dj’s have been there now, and never left disappointed. Tom Colontonio and Tyas was the guys who raved about it first I think, I just trusted their review, and ever since that, I have gone on a great detour, to actually get into the city so I could get their amazing food. Ok no more foodtalk! You are making me hungry damnit!
TranceAttack: Where can we enjoy you the next months?
Summerlake in Amsterdam in September, Harbour Candy in Aalborg (progressive set) on the 4th of August & Trancegression in Dresden Germany in November. Hopefully more to follow!
TranceAttack: Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!
Find all details for Always Alive Recordings 200 mixed by Daniel Kandi here: