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We had the chance to talk with Mark Sherry about his new mix-compilation “Prism Vol. 1” and much more! Enjoy reading!
TranceAttack: Congrats for the release of your mix-compilation “Prism Vol. 1″… the first mix compilation under your own label. What motivated you to do so? How was the idea for “Prism” born?
I suppose it is always a natural progression to release some compilations when you have a record label, it was the next step that I wanted to take to help boost the profile of the label and it’s very exciting artists.
TranceAttack: What can the listener expect?
A very diverse and fresh sounding collection of freshly squeezed tech-trance and techno beats that have been produced by loads of artists on our roster! It’s a true cross-section of what Outburst is all about (and Techburst) and it also introduces us to my new sub-label ‘Outburst Twilight’ that is aimed at those sweaty and blurry 4am/5am festival moments.
TranceAttack: With “Bursting Out” you’ve got a well known EP Series, what was the intension to start a Mix Compilation? Do you see a relation?
The Prism concept isn’t really connected to the “Bursting Out” EP’s directly, it just falls under the same Outburst umbrella really. The “Bursting Out” EP’s are primarily used to push new artists that I have either recently discovered or artists that I think really deserve to be given a break, whereas the ‘Prism’ albums are aimed at showcasing some of our biggest releases alongside our brand new future anthems.
TranceAttack: Alex Di Stefano is well known for pumping techno vibes and moving tech trance – was that the reason why you choose him for the first mix compilation? How did it come to this collab?
Very easy answer: he’s one of the most gifted producers out there at the moment and deserves a really good push in the trance scene, more than anyone else that I know. He has became a very good friend and I look forward to working on more projects with him. We are actually working on a collab studio project together just now also, so that’s going to be really great once it’s finished!
TranceAttack: How did you work on this compilation? What approach did you take with the compiling and mixing?
On my disc I wanted to include my most recent singles and remixes but also mix them up in amongst my favourite new releases that are forthcoming on my labels very soon. Alex did the same really and we’re both really happy with how it turned out. I suppose if someone said to you “have you heard a Sherry or Stefano DJ set” and you said ‘no’ to that, then you could hand them this CD and they’s instantly know what to expect when they heard us playing in a club.
TranceAttack: Do you see a difference in preparing a Live Set or a Mix for a Compilation?
Yeah of course, listening to music at home or in your car is a completely different scenario to hearing it in a club. Your DJ sets have to be full of energy and strictly aimed at the dancefloor, but the good thing about the Prism album is that it is still very energetic and would work well in a club if you played it.
TranceAttack: You founded your label “Outburst Records” in 2014 and still then it is a Success-Story. Are you proud of it?
I’m beaming with pride haha. It’s a LOT of hard work but I couldn’t be any happier about how well it’s all going, it’s succeeded all of my expectations. I’ve been in this scene for over 20 years now and worked with loads of record labels over the years, so I’ve taken every single little bit of knowledge that I’ve learned in this time and utilized it and put into all the runnings of the labels.
TranceAttack: Beside “Outburst Records” there is also “Techburst Records”. What is main difference between both labels?
Outburst is for tech-trance and Techburst is for techno, simples.. 😉
TranceAttack: When it comes to the business nowadays, what is the biggest innovation in your opinion for music producing?
You have to stay fresh or else you will go unnoticed, so it’s very important to stay open-minded and stay in touch with what’s going on round about you, especially when it comes to checking out other producers/DJ’s etc etc. I’m always listening to podcasts and DJ sets from right across all genres to try and come up with new ideas and sounds. I also keep all of my software up to date as much as i can, this can make a huge difference to your productions, it will keep you inspired.
TranceAttack: What do you think about the fact that nearly everybody could make music with todays technical equipment?
Yes, absolutely anyone can make electronic music, but to do it well and also fine tune your own sound along the way takes years of hard work, so it doesn’t bother me. You get out what you put in, so…
TranceAttack: To be a DJ nowadays means to travel a lot around the globe. Beside it`s exciting it also can be very exhausting. How do you keep in the right balance of it?
I train very hard in the gym! I feel that keeping fit really helps me to stay focused in the studio and also really helps the bad effects of longhaul flights and jetlag etc. A good regime of cardio, weights and metafit based workouts really helps me. Healthy body = healthy mind …and all that.. 
TranceAttack: The Festival season 2016 is in full effect. Where can your fans enjoy you live in the next weeks?
I’m playing big 3 hour extended set at ‘Frequency’ in Southampton this weekend, then I’m playing my debut at ‘Cream Amnesia’ in Ibiza which I’m very excited about. Then I’m playing at the ‘Beats For Love’ festival in Czech Republic, followed by HF050 at The Exchange in LA, Damaged in Chicago and then my Outburst boat and club parties in Ibiza and then Digital Society & Trancecoda pres ‘Best of British’ at the end of July – busy times!
TranceAttack: Scotland was always a good ground for talented producers and DJs. What about the scottish edm scene today?
There is no “EDM” scene, we don’t call it that..that’s a bad term in my book haha. We’ve always had a great “dance music” scene and one of the best & noisiest crowds in the world, but unfortunately the trance scene is a lot smaller now than it used to be, but I’m hoping that things build back up again, it does seem to be on the “up” again just now!
TranceAttack: If someone would like to start in the music business today, what advice do you have for him?
Don’t expect things to happen over night, you have to work very hard to make things happen and be noticed these days, but if you have commitment and discipline you can definitely make it happen. Ignore what other people around you are doing, focus on your own studio work and DJ’ing, don’t let things get to you or feel frustrated if they don’t happen as quickly as you want them to. It all takes time…but you will get there if you want it badly enough!
TranceAttack: Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!
Find all details for Outburst Records Presents Prism Vol. 1 mixed by Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano here:
Outburst Records Presents Prism Vol. 1 mixed by Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano

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