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We talked with Saad Ayub about his music, his plans for 2019 and much more! Enjoy reading!
TranceAttack: Hey Saad, great to have you for the first time on TranceAttack.
Thank you for having me!
TranceAttack: Where do we catch you right now?
I am currently based in Toronto, Canada, but have been thinking about making a move to Europe at some point (I have a love affair with Berlin, so yeah).
TranceAttack: Your origin is Bangladesh, living now in Canada. Are you the only trance artist or is there a bigger scene existing?
Yes I was born and raised in Bangladesh, and moved to Canada when I was 22. I’m not the only trance act here in Canada, it’s home to some great names in the genre, including Arnej, Noble Six, Somna, and Solid Stone. The Toronto scene used to be the epicentre of Trance in North America back in the days. But with the recent Techno boom things have changed. That said, there is still a solid and very dedicated group of Trance fans in Canada!
TranceAttack: Can you describe your sound?
Techno vs. Trance 😈😇
TranceAttack: This past year, you did collabs with some of the biggest names in the scene. How did it come to the work with Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk? How was it working with such big players?
It has been amazing and humbling. I am really lucky to be working with such legends, and it was a huge confidence boost to have their recognition and faith in my sounds. Both Ferry and Paul are so easy to work with, and while they are very senior to me, never make it feel like it’s their way only – they are genuinely interested in my contributions and give full respect to me as one of their peers. It still doesn’t even seem real!
TranceAttack: Are there any differences to the regular work?
I have a full time job as a corporate training coach in Toronto. Quite different from my music side.
TranceAttack: Checking your social media we recognized cycling as hobby. How do you refuel your akku from the work as a musician?
Glad you noticed! I love adventures and adrenaline keeps me going. From jumping off a plane to a simple workout, and everything in between. These things recharge me and keep me pushing.
TranceAttack: You are 30 years old… a “baby” in the trance scene. Can you imagine working in the scene for the next decades?
First of all, thank you for that – sometimes I feel old, so it’s nice to be called a baby. 🙂

There is no chance I’ll be stopping anytime soon, so yes, definitely can see myself in the scene for decades to come.
TranceAttack: What do think of genres? You are one of “strictly divider” or “like to combine”?
Music is self-expression, and as a creator of music I never want to put myself in a box (as you can tell from my constant use of #TechnovsTrance, I am definitely a fan of blending sounds and experimenting with sounds not traditionally thought of as “trance”). That said, genres are great in the sense that they help us to understand different styles, they do have their purpose. They just should not be reason to cause division amongst the greater dance music community. Dance music is about unity, and there was a time where dance music unified an entire scene without all these different labels, before their were sub-genres or sub-sub-sub-genres…
TranceAttack: What kind of artist are you besides music?
I love cooking. Also a graphic designer, video director and editor.
TranceAttack: How do you spend your time outside of the music?
Spending time with my friends, playing PlayStation and travel!
TranceAttack: 2019 has started. Tell us about your plans!
Starting off the year with a 4 track EP on Flashover that will define my techno vs. trance sound (coming in February). Also a collab with Cristina Soto and some new talented young vocalists. Some other big collabs are in the works, as well as shows, including my debut at Luminosity Beach Festival. 2019 is going to be a big year, I can feel it!
TranceAttack: Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!
Take a listen to Paul van Dyk & Saad Ayub – Future Memories here:

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