In Memorial of DJ Energy

Six years ago on August 14th 2011 one of Switzerland’s most popular trance deejays at this time died… Roger Beglinger aka DJ Energy! Roger became only 37 years old.
His musical career began already in the eighties, but the success in the trance scene started in the second half of the nineties with tracks like “I Just Can’t Get Enough”, “Believer” or “End Of Time” and his strong connection to the popular “Energy”-Raves in Zurich. Roger was the only Deejay, who played at every “Energy”-Rave till 2010.
And also in 2011 he planed to play there directly after the “Street Parade”, which took place on August 13th 2011. He played at the “Street Parade” but canceled his booking for the “Energy Rave” due to health problems. In the night from August 13th to 14th Roger died in his Apartment in Zurich. But still today his name is strongly connected with the Swiss trance and party scene and his music is still played today.
Johan Gielen created a wonderful remix of one Roger’s most emotional tracks “End Of Time”. The original was released together with DJ Tatana in 1999.
Johan about Roger and his rework: “I was touched by the break of the original version and I was thinking that I have to do something with it. In life there is happiness and sadness and sometimes we are losing love ones around us and this record gives me a feeling that music is something who helps us to remember the beautiful things of our love ones. “End Of Time” is such a special one piece of music. In order to remember Roger I made this version so that his music will last forever.”
In Memorial of Roger Beglinger!

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