Jochen Miller – Lunation

Jochen Miller - Lunation
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He’s been away from us for a while but after nearly a year-and-a-half since he dropped the festival banger “Revenge”, Jochen Miller finds his way back to High Contrast Recordings with a brand new speaker-spanker called Lunation! The good news here is that if you liked the former, the latter should be right up your street!
Sound-wise this new jam brings back some of Jochen’s sounds from the beginning of this decade, like his Remix of “Kofola” or his “Bamm!” among others. With that Jochen follows a trend that has been happening all over the Trance scene over the past four years, a development that many fans have applauded. After all, why wouldn’t you make use of the things that brought a million smiles the whole world over, year after year? That said, Miller wouldn’t be Miller if he just repeated an old trick. So instead of just rehashing the same old same, he combines those older sounds with a cutting edge Bigroom lead as well as some supersaw stabs, effectively merging various festival styles into a massive whole. And just as the main part finishes, there is a bit of a piano-backed reprise like in Revenge, although this time Jochen merely uses it to tease the listener. A clever DJ could very well replay the drop after this segment for a live/on-the-fly “extended” mix, giving the crowd the Miller spanking they will undoubtedly crave once this bad boy drops during the peak time hours!
“Lunation” evokes memories of the classic W&W sound from 2009/2010 mixed with Jochen’s current retro-flavored Bigroom sound to result in another floor heater! And heat is what we are all going to need with the year’s darkest months jumping on our doorsteps…
Artist: Jochen Miller
Track: Lunation
Label: High Contrast Recordings
Release Date: November 04th 2019
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