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Turbo tech time. John Askew’s first 2022 release on VII comes in the form of “These Dogs Trust No One” – a bombastic rave meets tech meets trance meets all-out blistering straight jacket la la land loopsville. Written during the first lockdown when properly forced to stay at home besides outings to buy food or daily exercise. The cabin fever of being locked up for months during the summer heat wave took hold and the solution manifested itself in extending the permitted daily exercise into epic 10 hour treks with his dog out into the wilderness – completely and utterly loaded on edibles. What did he find? Serenity, space to breathe and think – but also… other guys with their dogs off their fucking tits doing exactly the same. Headphones on, music on, world off. No talking, just a polite nod as they pass and for the dogs a quick sniff of each other’s anuses. And so it went… men walking dogs passing dogs walking men passing men walking dogs passing…
Artist: John Askew
Track: These Dogs Trust No One
Label: VII
Release Date: February 11th 2022
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