Lange pres. LNG – Hey While The Sun Shines

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‘Hey! While The Sun Shines’ marks the return of Lange’s LNG alias which encompasses his harder, more techy-edged productions. This new single, featured on the forthcoming In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai by Richard Durand & Lange, is a solid track that is perfect for the club floors thanks to its great build-up, uplifting break and driving sound. ‘Hey! While The Sun Shines’ will tear the place up.
Lange is recognised as one of the most influential dance artists of the past decade. A DJ who has remained at the forefront of the scene throughout his career and a producer that continues to push all boundaries. Lange is one name in trance that has continued to reinvent himself to take on the evolving dance scene and show any inspiring new comer how to be an industry leader through pure talent alone. In 2008 Lange launched his Intercity radio show; growing quickly in popularity, it has become a staple for trance fans worldwide. Lange showcases many of his own productions on Lange Recordings as well as those from both established and up and coming talents. The label has gained consistent support from the DJ elite and has become known for its quality and innovation. With his chart topping singles and remixes and his own artist albums and compilations, Lange keeps on proving why he’s one of the most accomplished and highly rated artists in the trance scene today. This year he has the honour to remix the 3rd disc of the 12th edition of ‘In Search Of Sunrise’.
Artist: Lange pres. LNG
Track: Hey While The Sun Shines
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: May, 19th (Beatport)
Connect with Lange:
Connect with Black Hole Recordings:
Take a listen to Lange pres. LNG – Hey While The Sun Shines here:

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