Marcel Woods – Everything (Beyond Vision Remix)

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Marcel Woods was one of High Contrast Recordings’ biggest names and he consistently graced the label with massive, floor-shredding releases. Back in 2014 he hung up his headphones with a goodbye post on Facebook. Memories are forever though, and the same thing can be said about those famous bangers Woods so effortlessly unleashed upon crowd after crowd. Beyond Vision has been given the honor to bring back Marcel’s 2009 hit “Everything”, to keep the HCR legacy alive and kicking! So how did he go about this task?
The cool thugging build-up synth from the original is kept intact, alongside the vocal which is chopped and altered and laced across the first segment. However, you can tell this is a different version due to the Progressive-like groove present from the 30th second onward. One minute in and your eardrums will be pulsing thanks to the powerful deep bassline Beyond Vision adds.
It’s somehow even MORE energetic than the original was, and we’re not even talking about the breakdown yet! Said breakdown is reached after two minutes and introduced by an all new-synth line. It’s here that Beyond Vision goes beyond (pun intended) the original’s minimalistic breakdown: the remix gets a massive, atmospheric and full-on trance-driven re-imagining. Even though Beyond Vision chose to stick with the original’s main riff, you can tell he added some reverb shine to it so it doesn’t pale in comparison to the trancey goodness that preceded it. Once it’s unleashed at 03:46, you can’t help but be caught by the catchy ‘Everything’ riff in a fresh bigroom-fit coat. Time flies when you are having fun and before you know it the track will be winding down.
Beyond Vision manages to stay true to the original where it matters and expand on it in places where it could have been even more epic. As a result, this remix will be ‘Everything’ you need to get your musical 2019 off to a perfect start.
Artist: Marcel Woods, Beyond Vision
Track: Everything (Beyond Vision Remix)
Label: High Contrast Recordings
Release Date: January 11th 2019
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