Marco V – Muraco’s Godd

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Marco V and Be Yourself Music have decided to donate a special gift to you all. Marco mashed his heavy-hitting classic “Godd” with one of his newer efforts “Muraco”. Taking those instantly recognizable lyrics asking you whether you believe in Godd, and dropping them on top of Muraco’s deep, pulsing grooves and heavily reverbated synth stabs. Albeit not equally heavy to the original production in GODD, Muraco still packs a nasty punch and is sets dancefloors on fire all the same. This mash-up proves several things: Marco’s recent productions are as slick and well produced as he used to make them; “Godd” has lived on in the memories of party heads for over 17 years now; when you take the best of both worlds like this, the final result can only be V-licious!
Artist: Marco V
Track: Muraco’s Godd
Label: In Charge Recordings
Release Date: May 11th 2018
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Lyrics “Godd”
Do you believe in a V who is Tech and Trance?
Who innovates as the years advance?
Do you believe in a V who is Electro and Dance?
It seems you believe in V.
Do you believe in the V at Dance Valley?
Do you catch his vibes at Luminosity?
Did you witness him rocking Trance Energy?
Because then you believe in V.
Do you believe in the energy of V?
Who builds his sets so expertly?
Sets that live on in your memory?
Oh yes, you believe in V!

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