Marco V – Simulated (Estiva Remix)

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Being asked to do an official remix of a famous Classic can put a lot of stress on one’s creative shoulders. When one decides to make a remix on their own accord however, this stress makes way for freedom. The reward is huge: picture that next gig on your schedule, where you KNOW you have this secret weapon locked and loaded to turn the dancefloor upside-down whilst your fans are completely oblivious to it (for now)…
Sounds awesome, right? Then consider how awesome Estiva must be feeling: for a couple of years now his remix for Marco V’s beloved “Simulated” has been floating around the web but now it will finally see an official release on High Contrast Recordings!
Estiva’s vision is not a hard reshuffle of the original content, if anything he kept that famous melody and arrangements very much intact, infusing the whole with a lower tempo groove whilst infusing it with some extra tasty synth play throughout the duration of the track. Did he re-invent the wheel with this remix? No. But as long as a wheel is round and works as the part of a whole to take you from A to B then mission accomplished. And Estiva’s wheel is a solid one, allowing plenty of nostalgic trips down Memory Lane whilst fitting today’s general tempo.
Artist: Marco V, Estiva
Track: Simulated (Estiva Remix)
Label: In Charge Recordings
Release Date: March 29th 2019
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Take a listen to Marco V – Simulated (Estiva Remix) here:

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