Markus Schulz – Lost in the Box (London)

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The sixth entry in Markus Schulz’s chronicled production series for 2015 focuses on a city very close to his heart; one which has played a hugely significant role in his life and career, and still does today. The English capital of London.
From clubber at Turnmills to international resident at the legendary Ministry of Sound, his feelings for the nuances of London life and culture run deep, hence the tracks touching emotional moods in between the vibrancy characterized by the suburbs and its people.
With a title yet to be confirmed, this is Markus Schulz’s ode to London.
Artist: Markus Schulz
Track: Lost in the Box (London)
Label: Coldhabour Recordings
Release Date: June 29th 2015
Connect with Markus Schulz here:
Connect with Coldhabour Recordings here:
Take a listen to Markus Schulz – Lost in the Box (London) here:

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