Markus Schulz presents Dakota – In Search of Something Better

Markus Schulz reveals the 03rd single of his “Dakota – The Nine Skies” project.
Given its first airing in front of Mayday Dortmund’s techno-attuned crowds, “In Search Of Something Better” represents one of “The Nine Skies” more stylistically transitional numbers. Markus has subsequently deployed the track to equally dynamic effect at key gig points throughout the summer – most recently, and notably during the third of his three Tomorrowland 2017 sets.
“The Nine Skies” has its root-origins embedded in the Taos of Reiki and the uncountable number of individual paths we take in life from darkness to light. Drawn from his own existential experiences, each of the Skies represents a personal insight that Markus has realized for himself, and now shares. “In Search Of Something Better” represents The Visionary, or the Seventh of “The Nine Skies” stages.
“To understand the world we live in, our first instinct is to learn as much as we can about it”, Markus says. “What I’ve become ever more aware of is that true understanding starts from within. To begin to fathom this world, we must first fathom ourselves. An interesting aspect occurs as we reach the next level on our path to enlightenment. We begin to see things clearly. We understand the purpose of the circumstances around us; developing clarity of sight and thought in the process. Whereas before we would question how and why; we now accrue knowledge of how everything in the world is connected.”
Opening with scudding, running drum-movements, “In Search Of Something Better” dials in a technotically percussive tap and laser-like FX warp & squelch. The swirled darkness of its Bacchanalian feel transitions from the shadows with a complexly arranged break. Growing, swelling – an ever-expanding bubble of intensity, post-drop, its melodic shards finally break the surface.
Artist: Markus Schulz presents Dakota
Track: In Search of Something Better
Label: Coldharbour Recordings
Release Date: August 28th 2017
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