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The long-awaited full-length studio album from Markus Schulz spans clubland, it features internationally recognized vocalists from the world of dance music, including HALIENE, Emma Hewitt, Sarah de Warren, Adina Butar, Pretty Poison and live DJ/producer, Tim Clark, among other performers. The live show is SCHULZ’s theatre-of-the-mind brought to life.

Music has been Markus Schulz’s passion since childhood and his philosophy as a live DJ has always been based on a theater-of-the-mind concept. As a music producer, he excels at creating aural compositions that excite the mind’s eye, and with his latest ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’ album and tour, he brings his skills to a nightclub-come-theatrical setting. ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’ album pairs powerfully dark, brooding tones of techno music with the emotional tenderness associated with his visions of trance and progressive music. The life ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’ shows are further augmented by renowned lyrical ambassadors, acrobats, choreographers, and other performers. 

Markus tells about his inspiration for ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’: “The Rabbit Hole Circus has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. When I was very young, I was inspired by theater, and one of my biggest adult inspirations has always been Cirque du Soleil. I’ve always had a vision of trying to combine my music with a Cirque du Soleil show. The Rabbit Hole Circus album and tour are definitely a step in that direction. It’s inspired by the late night-into-early-morning portion of my open-to-close DJ sets, and I thought it was right to dedicate my attention to creating something special for that particular part of my live performance. I love the feeling of the unexpected. Incorporating singers, aerialists, and stage performers to paint a picture of the music brings the album to life on the tour.”

‘Death of A Star’ featuring HALIENE spotlights the singer’s exquisite vocals as they dance delicately over Markus Schulz’s production. ‘Stay Gold’ with Melody Mane is an emotionally rich piece that’s every bit the sound of now. ‘Light On’ with Sarah de Warren is a deeply soulful work so brimming with ecstatic grace as to feel heaven-sent; de Warren’s vocals carry the topline so lovingly with Schulz’s masterful production, this song feels inspirational. ‘Eternally’ with Diandra Faye was the first single off the album and it’s an energetic song with an upbeat vibe. ‘Stolen’ with Pretty Poison is an ethereal piece with haunting synths and a retro-yet-new effect. ‘More Than This’ with Dan Soleil meshes a pulsing heartbeat with stimulating production for an instant hit song. ‘Guide Me’ with Shaun Jacobs is a dancefloor-packing tune exploding with celebratory moments. ‘I Fly To You’ with Radmila Lolly brims with mystery and intrigue while showcasing Lolly’s operatic vocals. ‘Voiceless’ is an instrumental-only track that tickles the brain with Schulz’s expert bending of waveforms deep into the night. ‘Till We Fade’ with Emma Hewitt crackles with energy and light straight through until sunrise. ‘Liquid Night’ is an instrumental-only track that drives home Schulz’s ability to wordlessly shepherd an audience’s emotions. Finally, ‘Waves of High’ with Adina Butar ends the album on a high note with its thrilling sonics and golden vocals. ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’ album is a triumph.

Markus Schulz` new artist album “The Rabbit Hole Circus” will be out on June 30th 2023!

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Tracklist “Markus Schulz – The Rabbit Hole Circus”:

  1. Markus Schulz with HALIENE – Death Of A Star
  2. Markus Schulz and Melody Mane – Stay Gold
  3. Markus Schulz with Sarah de Warren – Light On
  4. Markus Schulz with Diandra Faye – Eternally
  5. Markus Schulz with Pretty Poison – Stolen
  6. Markus Schulz with Dan Soleil – More Than This
  7. Markus Schulz with Shaun Jacobs – Guide Me
  8. Markus Schulz with Radmila Lolly – I Fly To You
  9. Markus Schulz – Voiceless
  10. Markus Schulz with Emma Hewitt – Till We Fade
  11. Markus Schulz – Liquid Night
  12. Markus Schulz with Adina Butar – Waves Of High