New label EDCT launches with killer release from Gundamea

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Tempo & tone over type, “feel” rather than genre, freeform as opposed to pigeonhole – new label EDCT is here to break us out of our echo chambers. The brainchild of former Flashover Recordings lynchpin Celwin Frenzen, EDCT offers a label-haven for producers akin to one area, but with ideas in another.
Celvin explains: “I feel that as music fans we still compartmentalise too much and the label system has us thinking way too inside the box. EDCT is going to make a conscious departure from that methodology. This is not going to be an ‘X’ or a ‘Y’ stable, but an X, Y, Z and a whole lot else! Techno producers making house, trance producers bringing us breaks, house-heads pivoting to prog – I want EDCT to trade comfort zones for quality reliance, so we can all do some musical exploring again!
The manifesto’s simple. This is an effort to convince talented music-makers to try new things and step into less familiar areas. Maybe, just maybe it can play a small role in getting the dance industry back to those gloriously liberated turn-of-the-century mindsets:”

Connect with EDCT Music:

Take a listen to Gundamea – I’m running / Landungsbrücken here:
Gundamea - I'm running / Landungsbrücken

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