Ørjan Nilsen – Prism

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After 3 years in the making, the Norwegian Trance Viking Ørjan Nilsen is ready to publish his third artist album called “Prism”. Divided into 2 parts, Orjan will take you on a wonderful new journey!
Following Ørjan’s debut album “In My Opinion” and its successor “No Saint Out Of Me”, “Prism” sees Ørjan Nilsen combine his beloved sound with new musical flourishes. Harboring known favorites such as “Iconic”, “Drowning” and a new vocal version of “Hi There Radio” as well as fresh, occasionally pop-scented material that includes productions such as “Million Miles Away”, “Navigator”, “In A Thousand Ways” and “Nothing Here But Love”, “Prism” shows how one man’s vision can take on many different forms.
Additionally, “Prism” also sees frequent collaborator Mike James play a big part in many of the album’s singles, co-writing and/or singing on cuts such as “Hi There Radio”, “In A Thousand Ways” together with Rykka and “Nothing Here But Love”. The Canadian singer-songwriter and Ørjan Nilsen struck up an amazing friendship after first working together, which is evidently paying off big time with every ensuing link-up.
Ørjan about his new album: “I have always been a very brave kind of producer. I’ve experimented, have tried different styles, genres, techniques. No matter how much I love to deejaying, I will always be a producer first and I will never stop going over the barriers in music production. This is what Prism is all about, its about exploring different points of view, different perceptions. Prisms have the unique ability to reflect light and disperse darkness into color. And this is exactly what I do through music – I express my feelings and my thoughts with it. I disperse the darkness, turn negatives into colors and reflect the light. Or at least I really try. “Prism” is a combination of the many stories I have and want to share with you. Singles do not create a storyline, so it was only natural to compile those in an album, which I will be releasing in 2 parts.”
Part 1 of Orjan Nilsen’s third artist album “Prism” will be out on May 18th 2018!
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Tracklist “Prism Part 1”:
01. Orjan Nilsen – Swoosh (Intro Mix)
02. Orjan Nilsen – That One Night
03. Orjan Nilsen feat. Mike James – Hi There Radio (Been Too Long)
04. Orjan Nilsen – Iconic
05. Orjan Nilsen feat. Rykka – In A Thousand Ways
06. Orjan Nilsen – Million Miles Away
07. Orjan Nilsen – Navigator
08. Orjan Nilsen – Craziness
09. Orjan Nilsen feat. Matluck – The Last Goodbye
10. Orjan Nilsen – I See Spots
11. Orjan Nilsen – Simulator
12. Orjan Nilsen feat. IDA – Drowning
13. Orjan Nilsen – Nothing Here But Love

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