Paavo Siljamäki diagnosed with COVID-19

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Paavo Siljamäki, 1/3 of Above & Beyond, has revealed on Instagram Live, that he’s been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Paavo hasn’t actually been tested positive yet. Due to the shortage of tests available in the UK, the tests are reserved for people who end up being hospitalised.

Paavo explained: “I was actually in Bali about two weeks ago, had an incredible hour and a half massage from this very talented massage therapist who unfortunately had a very persistent cough. Well, end result, i’m on day 11 fighting coronavirus here.

Rightfully so, they’re only doing it when you go to the hospital. Luckily i haven’t had to go to the hospital yet. I’ve been diagnosed by two different doctors and a couple of nurses, everybody is saying my symptoms are a very typical case of mild to medium coronavirus.

I thought i’d also like to tell everybody what it’s been like. Everybody, from the doctors and nurses that I’ve spoken to, people get different reactions to coronavirus. In my case, I’ve been having this yo-yo kind of fever, so i get a fever for two hours, then feel fine for a couple of hours, then get fever again, then it goes away. I’ve had severe chest pains. Like this morning. I woke up in pain 5am thinking i’m getting a heart attack, cause i had such intense chest pains.

I’ve also been meditating a lot and trying to realise that being part of ill is also being afraid and dealing with the fear that comes along with it, especially for a lot of corona patients like me, you have to do it in isolation, so you’re literally on your own in a hospital and getting potentially progressively worse and you’re just like going to bed every night a little bit afraid of how’s the night going to go and how’re going to feel tomorrow and i think that fear also makes the symptoms worse.”

We wish you all the best and a speedy recovery, Paavo!

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