Retroperspective 2013 – These tracks made our year!

Retroperspective 2013 - These tracks made our year!
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In a democratic election, we voted within the Trance Attack Team, which titles were outstanding for us in 2013. The result is our “Retroperspective 2013”. There are a total of 10 tracks, which are particularly valuable for us to be emphasized once again.
A special surprise for us was that no track the high-flyer is included in 2013 as Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel or Dash Berlin in this overview. Behind this is no intention or calculation. 2013 was just a damn good trance year and has a lot of great titles brought forth.
At the end of our discussion these 10 tracks have justified to be highlighted once again separately.
These tracks made our year – in no particular order!

ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae – Under my Skin

Chosen by Chris Halen, D-Vine Inc., Julio Cesar, HBintheMix
Chris Halen: In my opinion, it takes no great statements on this track. The title speaks for itself. Under my skin! In this sense. Love, Chris.
D-Vine: Inc.: One of the biggest surprises in 2013 for me as Ilan was already one of my favorite producers at the moment. I had absolutely no idea what I can expect when I read these 2 names together. But what I heard was a love with the first listen. The groove of Jerome combined the sensitive feeling of Ilan for energetic build ups in the breaks. And WTF I can’t get this melody out of my head. A track that nether gets old and boring… Loving it!


Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda – Fade (Jerome Isma-Ae & ilan Bluestone Remix)

Chosen by Chris Halen, DuKa, D-Vine Inc.
Chris Halen: mhhh. What should I say to this. I think my wife can not hear this song anymore, since I have tortured her the last eight months with “Fade into You”! I´m in love with this track. a lovely voice with a pumping bass! and all this in a remix robe of Jerome Isma-Ae & ilan Bluestone. So this track is for me for: PARTY! and for all those who want to remember this festival season. Cheers, Chris.


Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Apprehension (Aly & Fila Remix)

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., Julio Cesar, HBintheMix
Julio Cesar: I heard “Apprehension” the first time on the local radio when i was on my way to play in a party… Remembering that i was driving and said what an amazing melody (lol, i like those kind of feelings), so i took my phone and used shazaam to get the name of the track. Unfortunately it wasn’t released yet… Arrived at the party i checked my promos email and luckily I got that amazing track and I played Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Apprehension (Aly & Fila Remix) that night. Fastest promo play ever! 🙂


RAM & Susana – RAMelia

Chosen by Julio Cesar, D-Vine Inc.
Julio Cesar: I heard RAMelia for the first time on Facebook, as I remember that it was posted on many walls and all the people talking about the sadness of this tune. So i heard the song and was impressed: “what an amazing tune and really you can feel the sadness in every word and also the melody”! The breakdown is amazing combined with the lovely voice of Susana. This is one of the best tracks of the year in my opinion because of the real emotional content that is expressed in the song. :’(
D-Vine Inc.: I was shocked about the sad news that Amelia passed away in front of the upcoming event “Grotesque Indoor Festival”. At this time I was in direct contact with Ram regarding the event for weeks and had absolutely no idea how should this event happen after such a tragedy. A few days later I received the information that RAM will play a special tribute set for Amelia at the Event. As I could not imagine how this could possible I can only pay my deepest respect for RAM’s decision. Some days after the event RAM sent me the soundcloud link of his tribute set. This was the first time when I listened to “RAMelia”. The pictures on the youtube videos from RAM and the audience when Ram played RAMelia have been the most emotional I’ve seen this year. Even I could not take part I was overwhelmed from the video. Every time I listen to RAMelia I have these pictures in my head. This is really the most emotional track in 2013 for me. RIP Amelia and all the best for you, Ram!


Rocking J & Pedro Del Mar – Krysta

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., Julio Cesar, Chris Halen
D-Vine Inc.: Another track I’ve not expected this year. It was purely coincidental that I heard the track in the guest mix of Roger Shah at GDJB as I could not hear this episode live and the podcast was not available for days. So I heard this episode some weeks later. At this moment “Krysta” was already released for weeks as part of the “In Search Of Sunrise 11 – Las Vegas” compilation by Richard Durand. How sarcastic… almost the title would be gone past me for a second time. Thank god, it isn’t! Really loving this energy inside the melody.


DuKa – Epic Injection

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., Julio Cesar, DuKa
Julio Cesar: I heard Duka´s “Epic Injection” the first time as teaser on the TranceAttack FB page. I was listening the intro of the song when suddenly the break arrived and I was really impressed. “This is a really epic injection”, I thought and I was really enjoying the feeling but it was a little demo of the tune. I tried to buy it but it wasn’t available as single track because it was a part of the recompilation. That day i was so excited about this tune that I told my boss about it and he agreed and wanted to sign that tune for the first realise of our label. Poorly that was imposible because the release was already planned. If you listen to this tune and know what im talking about! It´s epic!
DuKa: First we want to say thanks to all TA-members for your Support. You are Great!!! It was Great to see the Track keeps Running around the Globe. All of you should be knowing that is not Easy to be successfully in the Business. we hope to further mutual support in the next year.


Markus Schulz – Remember This

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., Julio Cesar, HBintheMix
D-Vine Inc.: I remember listening to the trackin a Worldtour edition of GDJB and it was the first time for ages that I looked to a tracklist to the name of track… an ID… Nether the less the track kept in an ongoing repeat for several time… Markus announced in this edition that he will reveal in the next gdjb the first track of his new album “Scream 2”. What an amazing moment as this episode was aired, Markus said the title “Remember This” and I hear again this melody. The perfect symbiose of an energetic, kicking base drum and a goosebump break and earcatching melody. For me truly the track of the year! And for sure I will “remember this” track!


Woody van Eyden – Nangulan

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., DuKa, HBintheMix
D-Vine Inc.: I heard “Nangulan” the first time live as Aly played it in his set at ASOT600 in Den Bosch on the “Who’s afraid of 138!?” stage and I felt directly in love with the guitar riff. It’s one of these tracks which are unique and keep directly in your ears when you listen to them the first time. Unfortunitaly I had to wait some time till I had the title of the track as Aly played it as one on many ID this evening. So I was quite happy as “Nangulan” was introduced a few weeks after ASOT600 as “Wonder Of The Week” at “Future Sound Of Egypt” as a new release of FSOE Recordings.


Giuseppe Ottaviani with Ferry Corsten – Magenta

Chosen by D-Vine Inc., DuKa, HbintheMix
D-Vine Inc.: The whole “Magenta” album was a highlight for me in 2013 – but the title track was and is still special for me. Ferry ad Giuseppe had a big part and influence for me in the last years, so I was really happy and curious as I read this collab the first time in the tracklist. The first listen was not disappointing for me. A track concentrated on the basics trance is all about and an ear catching melody. Really love this track!


London Grammar – Hey Now (Arty Remix)

Chosen by Chris Halen, D-Vine Inc.
Chris Halen: I cannot really remember when I listened first time to London Grammar. Certainly on one of our last trips to London. And as luck would have it, we have also seen Arty in the last two years, two times in London. What will become of two artists, which the one was able to convince a few years ago and a little secret tip? Clearly one of my top 3 tracks of the year 2013! And it’s massive massive summer tune! Conclusion: London Grammar 100% recommended – even far away from the EDM and welcome back – Arty! 🙂


Retroperspective 2013 - These tracks made our year!

Retroperspective 2013 – These tracks made our year!

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